Forrige Innhold Neste Uniforum nr. 08 1998

The Scholarship Programme 1998/99

Application deadline: 15 June 1998. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Norwegian Council of Universities and The Research Council of Norway have established a programme to support collaboration within higher education and research between Norway and Central and Eastern Europe. The overall purpose of the Programme is to contribute to a thorough restructuring of these societies in order to secure a democratic and economically sustainable development. Subject to final approval by Stortinget, the Programme will be founded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the five-year period 1997-2001. The Scholarship Programme is a separate part of the Programme of Central and Eastern Europe. 2 mill NOK will be allocated to the Scholarship Programme for 1998. Nærmere opplysninger v/Norges forskningsråd, Pb. 2700 St. Hanshaugen, 0131 Oslo v/Hilda Strøm Martinsen tlf. 22 03 74 35, e-post: hilda.martinsen@nfr.no

Visiting Research Fellowships

Offered by The Canon Foundation to highly qualified researchers (aged 30-45) who are European or Japanese nationals and permanent residents, to go to Japan or Europe respectively, for periods normally of 12 months. For further information: The Canon Foundation, Rijnsburgerweg 3, 2334 BA Leiden, The Netherlands. Tel.: +31 71 515 6555, Fax: +31 71 515 7027, e-mail: foundation@cenv.canon.nl

$350,000 Australian Prize for Energy Research

The $350,000 Australian Prize, established in 1989, is funded by Mr Moore’s Department of Industry, Science and Tourism. It is recognised as a prestigious, annual international award for outstanding achievements in science and technology that serve to promote human welfare. The field selected for next year’s prize will cover work that has produced real advancements in energy generation, from solar to nuclear. It also includes energy management and distribution, plus a range of other areas associated with this crucial field of scientific and technical endeavour. Nærmere opplysninger om prisene kan fåes ved Hege Ruud, tlf. 22 85 61 87.

Forrige Innhold Neste Uniforum nr. 08 1998
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