The quantity of money does not define professionalism

I am struck by the defective methodology in the response from the “Teknisk avdeling” to the story about Sognsvann 68.

By research fellow Richard Hustad at Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

Helga Sagsveen replies that because UiO rents for more than 200 million kr. per year, it is relatively professional. She confuses pure monetarily quantitative standards with truly qualitative standards.

I would define professionalism as primarily reliant on qualitative analysis.Thus, the issue that the “Teknisk avdeling” should consider, is how they acted in this particular case.

From the facts presented, it seems that they acted unprofessionally on this occasion. Yet, this does not mean one is deemed 'unprofessional', which would require a confirmation of the isolated research data as being reflective of the conduct of the organization over time and on a broader perspective.

The quantity of money one handles is not a definitive factor of professionalism. There are plenty of organizations, companies, and individuals who may handle a lot of money, but are very unprofessional.

Money may, in certain circumstances, be a marginal inference of professionalism, but the “Teknisk avdeling” reliance on the amount of its budget to justify its methods of operation is entirely misplaced.



Emneord: Arbeidsforhold, Arbeidsmiljø
Publisert 12. okt. 2009 13:40 - Sist endret 2. sep. 2014 14:02
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